Who We Are

About Secure Block Technologies

SBT is a team of Enterprise IT Security Professionals dedicated to providing Threat, Vulnerability and Compliance Management Services to Enterprise Companies, weaving security and Blockchain Technology into our customer’s operational fabric. Our success model is in developing industry changing innovation for our customers that solve their security challenges and drives their business forward.

While keeping IT Security at the core of our business, our founders realized the need to leverage Blockchain Technology’s inherent security capabilities to augment increasingly ineffective systems, and made the solutions widely available via our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) and Virtual Chief Blockchain Officer (vCBO) services.

We are purpose built from a team of recognized and trusted technology engineers and executives sourced from Fortune 1000 companies, and have a combined experience of over 200 years in helping clients secure and optimize their computing environments.

Our accumulated experience in thwarting enterprise level threats, in conjunction with a carefully curated vendor-agnostic approach, ensures best-class security solutions configured specifically for your organization. With security in mind, we look to optimize your business operations and promote customer growth & retention via Blockchain technologies that leverage its distributed ledger methodology.

Our innovative “Distributed Enterprise Blockchain Labs” (DEBL) product will provide the velocity to develop and monetize a production Blockchain environment that’s right for your business needs.