What is vCTO

A Virtual Chief Technology Officer operates as an external, fractional IT expert for your organization when a full time position may not be currently warranted or is cost prohibitive.

Owners of Small to Medium sized businesses are keenly focused on their business operations and growth, as well as taking care of their employees. On a day to day basis, they may not notice how aging technology and systems can impact that growth, eroding their competitive stance. Keeping the pace as a market leader demands that a company operate with agility and a persistent eye on optimization.

Regardless of employee size, number of locations, or projected annual revenues, all businesses require the right technology to enable their employees to work smarter, be safer in Cyber Space, and serve customers better. That said, it is oftentimes the case that small businesses aren’t able to absorb the overhead of a full-time CTO to manage and grow their systems as needed.

Whether retained by time period or by project, a Virtual / Fractional CTO arrangement presents an opportunity to contain costs while also ensuring that your company’s technology infrastructure is aligned with current standards and is designed to scale alongside business growth.

What our vCTO can do for you

Our vCTO will review and refine your current IT infrastructure and make recommendations to bolster your current framework.

SBT’s vCTO can plan out a long term technology strategy for your business, or immediately implement new HW / SW systems or network infrastructure. We’ll plan out a robust deployment roadmap while ensuring a seamless transition that’s transparent to your day-to-day business.

The pursuit of digitized operations, migration of storage and compute functions to the cloud, and virtualized and mobile environments are all touted as revolutionary enabling technologies, but is it right for your company? Our vCTO keeps abreast of all business technology developments and has the expertise and insights to advise on the specific technology stack to adopt based on your needs, your goals, and your budget.

Work with SBT’s vCTO to ensure that your organization’s IT strategy aligns with your business model and objectives, and ultimately achieves the highest ROI for all your technology deployments.

“We will provide a personalized and customized approach to delivering best-of-breed IT services that will exceed our customer’s expectations”

– Joe Page, CTO

The Top Reasons You Need a Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

Your company has real business demands to update its technologies and systems, but not the budget to bring on an expert IT resource.

Although SMBs likely have in-house, or 3rd party contracted IT resources, they’re likely laser focused on operational maintenance, ensuring that the current infrastructure and business functions are performing to spec. These “wide” skills staff already have their plates full with managing your network of PCs and printers, warding off malware, replacing hard drives, and negotiating prices with various vendors / MSPs. Essential as they are to your daily operations, this staff often doesn’t possess the development expertise or bandwidth to take on a significant IT revamp, and so a “deep” resource is called for.

SBT can align your specific needs with a specific vCTO.

SBT maintains a deep database of computing professionals who are experts on a variety of essential tech disciplines, such as: source control systems, dev environments, template workstations, software migrations, tools standardization, backend management, customer service management, and even writing specific code. They can be the decision maker of strategic standards or provide essential consultation on how your business may need to shore up prior to attracting investment or going public.

Our vCTOs are experts who understand which technology is optimal for your business (today and beyond), how to design a right-sized system, how to use it, and how it will interact with your existing hardware and software.

As important as it is to have the right systems in place, it’s just as vital to have staffed well. Beyond understanding computing technology, CTOs also have critical influence on the human resources responsible for a well-oiled IT department. They ensure that only the right / qualified people are recruited and properly trained.

Wisdom earned and deployed: Has the market swung away from proprietary solutions to open source, toward more interoperable connections with a burgeoning development ecosystem? Is it wise / optimal to “roll your own” solution for your specific, differentiated need, or does your situation necessitate buying off-the-shelf? Our vCTOs have full gamut SMB-to-Enterprise experience and can expertly advise on your technology or platform migrations.

Our vCTO program provides a senior business resource who directly impacts organizational success.

This resource is a vital bridge between C-Suite strategy and downstream tech implementation. The CTO is responsible for understanding business drivers and aligning the technologies that are required to meet your company’s business objectives.

Maximize Investment Budget and Time RIO. Our vCTO will take a close look at your existing infrastructure and build an investment case that fundamentally improves your business. Beyond incremental improvements, our vCTO’s goal is on organizational process agility — how can new systems and processes improve how responsive and adaptable your company is to a ever-shifting landscape?

SBT’s vCTOs let Owners build. They let Technicians maintain and protect. And at the company’s core, CTOs develop the velocity to a company’s growth and success.

The Secure Block Technologies team is built up of veteran technology executives with over 200 years of combined experience leading cybersecurity, information technology, and professional services departments. Talk to us to learn about our approach in leveraging Cyber Security and network architecture best practices to develop a scalable, interoperable Blockchain for your organization.