What is vCISO

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer operates as an external and unbiased cybersecurity resource for your organization when a full time position may not be currently warranted or is cost prohibitive.

He or She can operate virtually / as a remote position and can be contracted on a full time or Fractional basis. Whether retained by time period or by project, a vCISO arrangement presents an opportunity to contain costs while also ensuring that your company has a robust security program in place and complies with a litany of US and International regulations.

What our vCISO can do for you

Our vCISO will review and refine your current InfoSec program, policies and measures in place and make recommendations to bolster your current framework, or develop it from the ground-up.

We’ll work to ensure that you are in alignment with applicable compliance regulations and can deploy technical assessments such as vulnerability scans and network / application penetration tests that will provide key metrics of the strength of your security infrastructure. Keeping the pace as a market leader demands that a company operate with agility and a persistent eye on optimization. The pursuit of digitized operations, migration of storage and compute functions to the cloud, and virtualized and mobile environments may all facilitate process goals, but could also expose a company to security threats. As such, the need for a CISO who can design a scalable security architecture that promotes business outcomes while managing security risks is critical in a climate of ever-shifting InfoSec needs.

“We will provide a personalized and customized approach to delivering quality cybersecurity services that will exceed our customer’s expectations, while leveraging SBT’s pool of talented members of the executive, technical, advisory and administrative teams and resources”

– Joel Simangan, CISO

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Your company has real business demands to operate a robust IT Security program, but not the budget to bring on a dedicated security resource. If you consider that a vCISO contract is approximately 40% of the cost of a full-time Infosec team, SMBs with limited budgets can also reap the benefits of working with a dedicated cybersecurity officer.

Given wide awareness of breaches and bad actors, your customers are demanding that their data remains secure, while your company is required to comply with a variety of industry regulations. It is a time-intensive challenge to find, hire, and train qualified CISOs in today’s cyber job market — time that takes your focus away from running your business. But every passing day without having a security leader in place is a day closer to a potentially non-recoverable breach event.

SBT can help you get up to speed now.

Our vCISO services will build up your security program and can then scale-up or down according to your specific needs. This approach helps you to stay ahead of threat curve within your budget, adapting to changing security requirements and shifting threat landscapes. You’ll receive Fortune 1000 level experienced security guidance while realizing tangible cost savings; pay for just what you need and acquire our vCISO services on a per hour or per project retainer basis.

Companies that allocate security responsibilities to the CIO / CTO roles are missing an opportunity to incorporate an independent and dedicated security perspective that a vCISO can offer.

Where CIO / CTOs may lead the charge towards digital transformation, the vCISO can provide the framework that ensures secure use and functionality.

Cyber criminals are adjusting their attack vectors and methods every day, and it’s essential for a company to draw upon the expertise and experience of a security professional with industry wide perspectives. “Best practices” in security are fleeting, and so you need someone charged with deploying scalable strategies, updated education opportunities, and robust software and hardware technical mitigation tools to protect your business.

Our vCISO program provides a senior business resource who is able to articulate organizational goals within a framework of security.

This resource needs to sit at the leadership table to convey how current risks can impact business opportunity, and how evolving privacy concerns might manifest in needed process change.

As prospects vet out your company on its capabilities, ability to grow with them, and expected levels of customer support, they will also demand to know how you are protecting their data. They will expect that you have specialized security staff to design robust defensive and after-action plans in response to shifting cyber threats.

Your respective business and vertical space has particular security demands given its exposure to the downstream industries of your clients.

Whether you provide financial services, are in retail, or manufacture durable goods, there are distinct breach vectors that your company has to defend against, while at the same time protecting the integrity and privacy of your customer’s data.

Damage to your infrastructure in the event of a breach aren’t just contained within your walls. To what extent did the hackers also exploit insecure connections to cloud databases or mapped connections to customers? A vCISO sees the whole picture encompassing your company’s needs as well as the potential liability brought forth by your storage or transmission of confidential client data. Breach response and notification timeframe requirements can vary depending on industry type, and a vCISO is the focused resource to understand both compliance needs and the applied security strategies for those needs.

A vCISO will be your focused point of accountability to the C-Suite and Board. We will collaborate on and design a security plan that’s right for your company and build in maintenance touch points along the way.

Incident response plans may require adjustments or a complete revamp of methodologies. Access control policies for third-party vendors or employee levels might need to be tightened up. We can meet quarterly with your senior team and internal IT staff to present areas of defended success and propose technical or policy refinements based on knowledge of emerging threats.

Our vCISO program will embed experienced Fortune 1000 security professionals in your organization that have been where you are and have an extensive knowledge and network resource base to ensure cybersecurity success. Call SBT today at 424-262-3080 to learn more about our vCISO services, or click here to contact us online.

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