What is a vCBO?

A Virtual Chief Blockchain Officer operates as an external yet integral resource charged with providing insights and leadership to your company’s future Blockchain solutions.

SBT’s vCBO is an unbiased blockchain resource that has the experience to work with your team and align your company’s initiatives with the appropriate distributed ledger platforms and frameworks. He or She can operate virtually / as a remote position and can be contracted on a full time or Fractional basis.  

Our vCBO can work with your company’s thought and operations leaders to design and build out an initial Blockchain development “sandbox” and work hand-in-hand to deploy the identified solution/s.

The virtual Chief Blockchain Officer embodies a combination of technology+business expertise to lead and manage your Blockchain project from ideation through its successful deployment. Even companies with a large in-house distributed ledger team will benefit from the confidence and insights that come from our vCBO.

What our vCBO can do for you

Our vCBO will collaborate with you to develop an optimal Blockchain strategy, roadmap, and policies, as well as identify opportunities to augment your current framework, or develop a bespoke solution from the ground-up.

You’ll be kept apprised of the latest developments within this dynamic technology landscape while also developing best practices and compliance rules and regulations. The vCBO can help design, develop, and staff a sandbox or research lab (see SBT’s “DEBL – Distributed Enterprise Blockchain Labs” product). We’ll work with your team to pilot a minimum viable product (MVP), evolve these efforts to your company’s first production blockchain product, and continue to provide ongoing maintenance and enhancement assistance.

“Blockchain provides an opportunity to augment a vast array of current technological processes and create democratized access avenues to information, transactions, and power. Its impact on how we work and live may rank alongside the Internet as the primary driver of the global economy over the past quarter century.”

– Joe Page, Chief Blockchain Officer

There are 127 reasons why you need a vCBO

Here are 5

Your company has real business demands to develop and deploy Blockchain solutions that will augment internal cybersecurity measures and promote customer spend and loyalty, but not the budget to bring on a dedicated technology executive.

It is a time-intensive challenge to find, hire, and train qualified Blockchain experts in today’s resource stretched market — time that takes your focus away from running your business. But every passing day without realizing your Blockchain vision puts you further behind competitors already actively leveraging this technology.

SBT can help you get up to speed now.

Our vCBO service will build up your Blockchain ecosystem, leading to innovative and scalable solutions that are aligned with internal and external (customer) specific needs. This approach helps you to stay ahead of the development curve within your budget, adapting to changing customer requirements and shifting application landscapes. You’ll receive Fortune 1000 level experienced Blockchain technology guidance while realizing tangible cost savings; pay for just what you need and acquire our vCBO services on a per hour or per project retainer basis.

Companies that seek to cross-pollinate Blockchain business and technology development responsibilities to the CIO / CTO are missing an opportunity to pull away from their competitors via differentiated services and capabilities that a dedicated vCBO can offer.

Where CIO / CTOs may lead the charge towards broad digital transformation efforts, the vCBO can take the lead on a Blockchain framework that ensures diverse and secure Blockchain application development.

Your competitors are developing innovative Blockchain use cases every day that further secure their organization and provide valuable services to your (shared) customers. As such, it’s become essential for a company to draw upon the expertise and experience of a Blockchain-focused technology professional with robust business acumen and industry wide perspectives. You need a dedicated vCBO with a finger on the pulse of this dynamic market, who can guide you through new tech integration and use case management.

Our vCBO program provides a senior business resource who is able to execute on organizational Blockchain goals within a framework of security and distributed ledger functionality.

This resource needs to liaise closely with senior leadership to keep parties informed on Blockchain platform and framework development efforts and ultimate applications / use cases. convey how current risks can impact business opportunity, and how evolving privacy concerns might manifest in needed process change.

Our vCBO will help you add another level of security by incorporating Blockchain’s inherent cryptography, failover, audit trail, data integrity, and humanless identification facilities.

Whether you provide financial services, are in retail, or manufacture durable goods, there are distinct breach vectors that your company has to defend against, while at the same time protecting the integrity and privacy of your customer’s data.

Damage to your infrastructure in the event of a breach aren’t just contained within your walls. To what extent did the hackers also exploit insecure connections to cloud databases or mapped connections to customers? Working hand in hand with your security team, our vCBO will contribute to the discussion on your company’s cybersecurity needs.

Our vCBO will collaborate on and design a Blockchain application framework that’s right for your company and build in maintenance touch points along the way.

Given the rapidly evolving Blockchain development and customer needs ecosystem, all deployed solutions will experience multiple shift iterations that will either refine or replace current models. As such, you need a very well thought-out framework in place that can rapidly realign and scale with these needs.

What matters is working with experts who understand the fundamental usage models of Blockchain and how the technology will be used to create monetizable opportunities, while at the same time increasing efficiency of your operations and further hardening your cybersecurity defenses.

Our vCBO program will embed experienced Fortune 1000 technology+business professionals in your organization who understand your specific challenges and business needs / goals. We can meet quarterly with your senior team and internal IT staff to coalesce on a plan that will ensure Blockchain investment and deployment success.

SBT wants to be your Blockchain technology partner and help you get started today. As the technology matures and the industry coalesces around best practices and frameworks, the early entrants will be in the pole position to influence how the market will interact and use the technology. Your company may not have an end-goal in mind at the moment, nor the in-house resources / expertise to start on a “sandbox” development project. SBT was designed from the ground up to give companies a streamlined jumpstart to understand what’s possible, what’s truly beneficial, and how Blockchain’s methodologies will ultimately propel your organization to the forefront.

Call SBT today at 424-262-3080 to learn more about our vCBO services and discuss the benefits of adopting Blockchain technology for your company and industry today. Strike out on your own path and create and lead the market on your terms, rather than sticking to the lane your competitors established.