What is vCAO

A Virtual Chief Automation Officer operates as an expert Automation Systems resource for your organization when a full time position may not be currently warranted or is cost prohibitive.

Whether retained by time period or by project, a vCAO arrangement presents an opportunity for your company to contain headcount and operational costs while being able to design, deploy, and realize true business value from a scalable & intelligent Digital Workforce.

What our vCAO can do for you

Our vCAO will review your current operational workflow, identify opportunities to improve efficiencies, and design a digital workforce that yields tangible business results today, and can scale alongside business success for your needs tomorrow.

Discover: Mine and understand human keystrokes, mouse clicks, applications accessed, daily processes and procedures.

Identify: Repetitive tasks suitable for automation. Areas of needed improvement in customer engagement, service, and retention.

Recommend: Align your business needs and processes with the core characteristics of a robust intelligent digital workforce solution, that will produce measurable business results.

Design: Cloud or On-Prem digital software robots (Bots) that can automatically execute deterministic, repetitive, standardized, high-volume, and rules-based tasks.

Train: Work side by side with your team to develop a graphical low / no-code programming environment that is simple to develop, test, deploy, and support.

Elevate: Employee Roles & Morale, and Customer Satisfaction. Relieve highly skilled and educated workers from repetitive tasks. Improve morale and retention. Increase quality of customer engagement leading to higher satisfaction rates and long term contract value.

Lead: By working smarter and more efficiently, your company can now Innovate to compete on a higher plane, developing differentiated products and services and platform access methods.

Evolve: As your business and customer needs grow, the learning and autonomous operational sophistication of your digital workforce will need to keep apace as well. Our CAO will work with your technical team to further develop the system’s rules and judgement-based automation. It will continue to discover and understand patterns, leading to predictive recommendations and decisions.

“We’ll work closely with you to determine the core characteristics of a digital workforce solution that’s precisely right for your company type and size. Our personalized and customized approach will exceed our customer’s expectations, while leveraging SBT’s veteran executive, technical advisory resources.”

– John Hooks, CAO

The Top Reasons You Need a Virtual Chief Automation Officer (vCAO)

Your company needs automation solutions that can scale from a few teams to an enterprise wide deployment. The platform should be accessed via a “single pane of glass” that provides centralized management across diverse IT systems and technologies.

Our vCAO will work with you to design a digital workforce roadmap for today, and plot out logical expansions to centrally implement, manage, and maintain thousands of autonomous bots tomorrow. Along with scalability, our plan will prioritize security and reliability to ensure that inevitable changes in your network environment do not compromise systems integrity.

Based on your needs and current infrastructure, our vCAO will support on-premise, cloud-based, and hybrid build and delivery models. Understanding your requirements, we will plan to expand your infrastructure to operate effectively to achieve the targeted business results.

Our executive can also help establish an automation center of excellence for your organization, which will be vital to drive best practices and enable robust management and governance of your digital workforce.

Organizations have an opportunity to leverage digital workers’ greater accuracy & consistency, leading to better compliance given higher due diligence and transactional precision.

No organization is immune from accidental errors or malicious reporting conducted by human workers, especially in regulatory reporting and compliance. A digital workforce promotes accuracy and eases compliance for institutions, and our automation executive can help develop new access controls and governance policies that will secure your system from bad actors.

Our vCAO will work hand in hand with your Cybersecurity officers or can partner with our executive vCISOs, who have a tenured experience developing and deploying best class security protocols. As with the human team members in your organization, your digital workers must also be accountable and responsible for their executed actions, and so all network auditability parameters must apply to them as well.

Our vCAOs understand that deployment is just the start of a journey that continually refines your digital workers’ performance.

The real-time availability of operational analytics is critical to understand the performance of your new digital workers, and immediately assess whether there are bottlenecks or errors impeding their work flow.

Our vCAOs have years, if not decades, of experience designing analytics systems and dashboards for their internal and external clients. We will work to understand your specific KPIs and metrics of success (such as transaction volume or efficiency / utilization ratios) and create systems that provide you with the most accurate and timely information on which to make operational decisions.

Don’t start from scratch, exploit our experience. SBT’s vCAOs are embedded, contributing members of the digital workforce ecosystem.

Any craftsman worth his salt knows that inherent skills and knowledge only go so far to produce extraordinary results. You need the right tools in your belt and resources to leverage and manifest a vision with results that will delight your customers.

SBT’s Automation Officers have been major contributors in this nascent space since its inception, with decades of experience in relevant, tangential fields such as network architecture, artificial intelligence, and security. They’ve published thought leadership white papers and collaborated with both academic and professional technology labs.

Our expert resources are deeply connected with leading hardware, software, platform, and user interface vendors, and know who to vet and how to negotiate on your behalf. Innovation doesn’t spring from a vacuum, and we have long standing relationships with talented collaborators in the vendor community who are responsible for many of the technological systems and tools that benefit our daily lives.

Working with SBT, your journey to an automated digital workforce will be efficient, insightful, and driven by a persistent security mindset and excellent customer service.

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