Kenneth Da’Voir


Kenneth Da'Vior

Director of Technology – Front End

Enterprise Engineering Leader with 10 years of management experience and overall 15+ years in web development.

Experience architecting platform wide front-ends with MV* frameworks and Node, very familiar with BFF pattern.

Expert in Rich UI Engineering, responsive design and adaptive design methodologies.

I strive for efficiency, writing tools to improve processes are areas I look for. As well as establishing conventions that help teams stay consistent and proficient with code and requirements gathering.

I lead by example always in the trenches with my teams.

Experience with Swagger for API documentation and JSONAPI Spec.

Not afraid to get into the back-end and take on full-stack work to help a project or lead a team.

Highly motivated for new challenges.

Experience authoring and contributing to NPM packages (modularizing code for re-usability).

Highly experienced working with Agile methodologies (Sprint or Kanban).