SBT SecureNode™

Secure Node


Keep watch over all activity on a distributed ledger, including node processing and user endpoint communication. If suspicious activity is detected, the Overwatch systems isolate the offending nodes or endpoints. While standard DLT environments will have compromised consensus safeguards and will suffer from performance degradation, Overwatch stops the problem in its tracks, and broadcasts the appropriate alerts.


Add a layer of additional encryption / data protection to the values stored within the distributed ledger, to alleviate concerns about data sitting within nodes being susceptible to brute-force attacks, or to simply increase the difficulty to attack the data.


Augment validating that end points participating in the distributed-ledger system are whom they claim to be.

  • CI4-level authentication after standard authentication
  • Tracking meta information about the end point to warn against login using a new IP, MAC address, Operating System instance, …
  • Guard and lock out repeated erroneous or invalid authentication attempts.
  • Integrate two-factor, biometric, or other additional authentication enhancements.

User Management

Enhance end-user onboarding, communication, and maintenance to manage issues like:

  • Generate, protect, and allow the recovery of private-public key pairs.
  • Gather and maintain profile information in separate metadata environment.
  • APIs for DApps to use to provide customized interfaces with an end-user.

SuperNodes™ Suite