SBT’s Virtual CISO is your embedded ally in the fight against Cyber threats

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SBT’s Virtual CISO is your embedded ally in the fight against Cyber threats

AI-powered, cloud-based Endpoint Cyber Security protection has gained momentum in recent months, as organizations realize the need for real-time, ever-learning and adapting protection for the diverse computing devices that interface with their protected network.

Fortune 500 Enterprises invest heavily to keep up with the rapidly-evolving threat landscape, and have allocated millions of dollars to staff up their roster of cyber-security experts and infrastructure to design, manage, thwart, and respond to hourly attempted breaches.

For SMB’s, your breach potential and relative damage / loss (to customer data, intellectual property, customer trust, network repair) is as high, if not higher than large businesses. To stay competitive, you’ve architected network access flexibility and functionality for your customers and employees. But are you also as vigilant to keep up with needed refinements to your IT security policies and procedures, and to any needed improvements in network hardware and software?

In some cases, SMB’s may expand their in-house IT resource’s tasks to include cyber security-related work along with their day-to-day system administration and maintenance tasks. As capable as these IT professionals are with managing and administering your systems and infrastructure, comparatively, would you allow your Primary Care doctor to perform surgery on your knee? In today’s environment, with ransomware extracting its daily toll on resources, time, focus, and of course sheer $$, can you afford to have a generalist work on specific Cyber Security matters?

At SBT, we realize the disparity between SMBs (and your customers) absolutely deserving best-class Cyber Security protection from specialized resources, but oftentimes not having access to the funds or available human resource to handle those tasks.

As such, our Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is designed to be your specialized ally in this fight, giving you enterprise class Cyber Security expertise and protection, but at a flexible schedule you dictate, and at a cost level that works for your business.

SBT’s team of vCISOs have decade’s worth of experience working for all company size levels, within diverse industries. We can deploy an expert with precise familiarity of your current situation, advise on up-to-date security strategies, and then implement a best-class solution that addresses your technical needs within your budget.

Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation, to see if allying with our on-demand experts can elevate your Cyber Security posture.

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