SBT Designing Hybrid Paper, Electronic, and Blockchain Voting System

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August 16, 2018

SBT Designing Hybrid Paper, Electronic, and Blockchain Voting System

Delayed voting results in Zimbabwe were perceived as an indication of government corruption, and led to riots and multiple deaths.

In the United States, investigations of Russian interference, allegations from up-high of millions of fraudulent votes, and memories of hanging chads have been a catalyst for proposed legislation to increase standards of how states manage their constituents’ votes.

Secure Block Technologies (SBT), an information security-focused group that specializes in blockchain innovation, believes it has a solution to these and many other voting issues encountered around the world. SBT is finalizing its designs of a revolutionary blockchain-based voting system. The SBT Voting System addresses the following mandates:

  • Electronic systems must be hack-proof
  • Preserve voter anonymity
  • Incorporate a verifiable paper audit trail
  • Software and system configurations are open for public review and fairness verification
  • Function when and where power or connectivity is not readily available
  • Low implementation costs
  • Flexibility to allow implementation of only partial functionality
  • Accommodate voters with physical limitations
  • Accommodate multiple languages
  • Accommodate remote or mail-in ballots
  • Accommodate any voting type via customizable plugins
  • Configuration of a ballot must be simple

Secondary objectives attained by the SBT Voting System include:

  • Improve prevention of fraudulent and/or multiple votes
  • Embrace opportunities to improve and simplify the voter experience when technology resources are available
  • Allow voters to verify their votes have been properly processed
  • Improve ballot fairness and impartiality standards

Please visit to find more SBT Voting System architecture, process, and integration details, as government clearances and patent applications are cleared for publication.

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Jules Hilliard

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