Performance Node

Distributed-Ledger Overview

Out of the box, the SBT PerfNode™ provides a window into the health, performance, and activity in a distributed-ledger system. Additionally, data related to entities and parameters found within the distributed-ledger configuration settings will have gauges, graphs, and charts providing application-specific oversight.

An unlimited number of additional views into an application’s performance, transactions, entities, nodes, end-point devices, or users can be easily customized and added as options for any operator’s dashboard to include.


Thresholds can be set for any PerfNode item, with rules for whom to notify and how when those activity falls outside expected levels.

Different thresholds can be assigned to various actions, allowing for proper escalation corresponding to the appropriate level of concern.

Any system with an API interface can be programmed to automatically receive these alerts. This allows notifications to go out via email, SMS, web interface, or custom integration with any mobile or desktop application.


Data from PerfNode™ is retained until its allocated storage is reached, at which time, the oldest data is moved elsewhere or deleted to make space for the new data.

Copying the data to additional or extended storage facilities is not the only option for preserving information. The most straight-forward option is to select which entities and fields to export to one of many supported formats. An additional option is to configure an SBT BINode™ service to store the data into any database, reporting, analytics, or mining system desired.

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