Penetration Testing

Whether for regulatory compliance requirements or a client driven security assessment, Penetration Tests are essential to understand whether your company’s applications, network, and systems are vulnerable to external breach.

Our proven and refined test methods will clearly reveal how your environment could be compromised, and also used as staging points for deeper attacks within your network.

SBT’s veteran security team has deep experience in designing best-in-class cybersecurity systems as well as conducting post-breach analysis and remediation. That knowledge, in conjunction with our expert understanding of network architecture, enables us to configure a Penetration Test that’s tailored to your specific network, with your security and business goals in mind.

From a “White / Gray Hat” hacker perspective, our simulated real-world attack will expose key assets at risk, and detail potential damage to specific branches of your network and all affected users. You’ll come away with a deep understanding of current and potential attack vectors and how to augment existing defensive layers to repel future breach attempts.

We understand that test results, without context and prescriptive action, provide only limited value to you and your company. As such, we prioritize generating deliverables that will resonate with both your technical and executive internal clients, promoting clear discussion of next-step remediation plans.