Global Blockchain Management Console

OverWatch gives visibility, command and control to administrators tasked with the deployment and management of hybrid/cross cloud mesh networks and dApps.

Essential Bridge

Innovative by design, our OverWatch Management Console builds the bridge between existing infrastructure and the quickly emerging ecosystem of Blockchain Technology.  Architected to revolutionize the industry and stimulate mass adoption, OverWatch gives blockchain command and control that embodies several existing monitoring and management paradigms while introducing needed functionality to operationalize these capabilities at scale.

Vital Functions

OverWatch will provide the access control, monitoring, and management of enterprise-grade blockchain deployments.  This includes single technology blockchain implementations and multi-technology blockchains that require interoperability to effectively run their business goals.

OverWatch centrally manages an organization’s blockchain ecosystem security and operational functions. Including: event monitoring, reporting, analysis, incident prioritization, reputation scoring, and advanced analytics for predictive and prescriptive remediation.

The additional capabilities of monitoring off-chain referenced content, as well as using advanced analytics and AI/ML to monitor, predict, and manage behavior makes the OverWatch solution the leading platform for next generation blockchain business solutions.

API Stack

As part of OverWatch’s architecture, SBT’s proprietary API stack provides the essential communication handshake between a mesh network and the vast ecosystem of established services and protocols.  

Blockchain clients will now be able to widely access and have the flexibility to leverage 3rd party applications — such as Identity and Access Management, Supply Chain, CRM, or ERP — to provide needed security and functionality within their newfound mesh network.  Our API stack ensures that administrators of these new Blockchain environments will now be able to properly manage and scale their infrastructure.