McAfee ePO Health Check

New and emerging threats at the endpoint, both external and internal to the organization, have grown exponentially, and enterprises are now realizing endpoint security plays a much more critical role in their security posture.

Isolate Errors That Can Result in Security Vulnerabilities and Performance Issues

Objectively isolate unidentified configuration issues, prioritize them, and gain immediate how-to remediation steps. As a result of less than optimized settings, many organizations are not in compliance with specific industry regulations that require them to validate their endpoints are truly protected

Frustration is High and You are at the Cross-Roads with Your Current Vendor Sets

During times like this, conducting a vendor-neutral and objective, third-party assessment can help cut through customer and vendor politics if any exist and validate the cost justifications of turning a situation around or walking away. Sometimes, advanced expert assistance can quickly and accurately get the information you need to feel comfortable making a strategic decision.

Staff and Technology Transition

A large majority of customers experience staff transition, staff reassignment, or attrition. When this occurs, an assessment can help the new administrator baseline where he/she is and get practical direction quickly. Others simply are thrown into managing a brand new version of ePO; performing an assessment can be a valuable stop-gap measure when official training budget and consulting services are unavailable or impractical. A comprehensive assessment is the most cost efficient way of accelerating the learning curve of a newly assigned administrator.

Identify Issues You MUST Fix BEFORE you Migrate or Upgrade

Your assessment can also be used as a migration/upgrade readiness appraisal, allowing you to identify issues you must fix prior to planning, initiating, or completing a migration/upgrade project. This can save you from spinning your wheels and wasting valuable time.

How it works

To prepare for your ePO Health Check, you will want to:

  • Determine when you can commit to sixty minutes of uninterrupted time with your ePO dashboard and an ePO Expert Engineer.
  • Schedule your ePO Health Check and complete the pre-call checklist.
  • Be prepared to discuss and take notes on recommendations concerning your:
    • DAT definition deployment summary
    • Agent to server connection information
    • Top 10 detected threats
    • Top 10 detected machines
    • Count of all connecting computers
    • Number of detections detected monthly showing threats

In one hour with an ePO Expert, you can expect to learn:

Ways to help you validate known, current issues that are plaguing you now, such as:

  • ePO server configuration recommendations.
  • A recommended software upgrade path.
  • Your current VirusScan protection level.
  • How well ePO is utilized in your environment.
  • Unknown or hidden problems that need to be addressed.

1. Warning Sign:
Most companies have between 10 and 20 percent of their machines out of compliance. The task of repairing out-of-date DATS and ENGINES for these machines takes too much time.

McAfee Response:
More time to address other pertinent IT Management tasks and close the gap on a major security hole.

2. Warning Sign:
Underutilizing ePO to stop the spread of Zero-Day attacks.

McAfee Response:
Time used for mitigation and remediation of zero-day attacks is reduced from hours to minutes. You will be able to quickly pinpoint the source of infection and prevent re-occurrence.

3. Warning Sign:
Not able to get ePO to provide accurate reports on overall security posture

McAfee Response:
You will be confident knowing with certainty that you are protected and be able to respond to management inquiries with proof and accurate reports.

4. Warning Sign:
ePO Agent communication slowing down your network.

McAfee Response: Reduces blame on the IT group responsible for managing AV.

5. Warning Sign:
Incorrectly configured directory structure is preventing the accurate deployment of system-based policies and products.

McAfee Response: Efficient and less problematic rollout of applications and specific policies to the appropriate and corresponding systems.

6. Warning Sign:
Mission-critical server performance is being impacted by VirusScan.

McAfee Response: Reduce the blame game by not having a critical security feature negatively impact mission-critical business applications.

7. Warning Sign:
Not having the proper database maintenance controls is a possible cause of ePO Database Corruption.

McAfee Response: Greatly reduce or virtually eliminate the chances of database corruptions.

8. Warning Sign:
General ePO Agent communication failure.

McAfee Response:
Prevents future failures and creates a more stable ePO environment. Also yields an improved TCO of ePO.

Deployment & Implementation Services

Whether you are facing a new McAfee implementation or ripping out your previous ePO implementation and starting over from scratch, McAfee Deploy and Implementation services from SBT are designed to help you achieve maximum return on investment.

Reasons to consider Deploy and Implementation Services:

  • A lack of resources to plan, architect and deploy a new version set within a limited timeframe
  • A lack of training and familiarity with the newest product version features and capabilities
  • An ePO administrator is new to the job assignment
  • To leverage real ePO expertise gained only through battlefield tested experience

Plan & Design

If you are in the planning stages of a more complex enterprise McAfee ePO and multi-product deployment, you may require reviewing your plan with an expert who has managed hundreds of enterprise McAfee engagements, securing several million endpoints globally. Reviewing your strategy can help you avoid landmines associated with trial and error.

McAfee Planning, Design and Strategy can help you:

  • Learn from reference architectures and configuration models used by other enterprises
  • Understand strategic feature utilization in newer ePO versions
  • Review how true ePO automation makes a serious dent to the operational costs associated with desktop services
  • Gain consensus from all key stakeholders by better understanding appropriate technology use and strategy
  • You have received a deployment plan from another firm, and you would like us to identify possible error or inefficiency

McAfee Audit & Assessment Services

McAfee Audit & Assessment services from SBT provide independent testing and validation for corporate and enterprise McAfee clients. If you are an ePO administrator or have auditing or management oversight, find out how you can improve your McAfee ePO experience in as little as an hour!

Reasons to consider Audit and Assessment Services from SBT:

  • Receive independent and objective ePO configuration validation of feature utilization, automation utilization, and performance tuning
  • Compliance concerns and or suspicion that ePO Reporting is not accurate
  • Agents or clients are compromised but ePO shows them as being ok. Do you really know which endpoints are compromised
  • ePO administration seems too complex or complicated
  • Dealing with compromised, broken, or orphaned agents
  • Recent outbreak has caught management attention and they are now asking serious questions
  • A newly assigned ePO administrator doesn’t know where to begin and you need a road map
  • You are considering leaving McAfee for another vendor and need objective insights
  • Upgrade or migration readiness

Optimize & Tune

Your McAfee ePO configuration is already established. Perhaps you have recently upgraded versions or you may have recently received the job responsibilities of ePO administrator. McAfee Optimization and Tuning Services from SBT can provide you objective, real-world expertise gained from hundreds of McAfee endpoint security consulting engagements.

Bring the most advanced fine tuning expertise to your doorstep.

Here are some reasons to consider optimizing your McAfee ePO configuration:

  • Zero day threats. Find out how your ePO, VirusScan and other product configurations can be tuned for maximum detection and remediation
  • Discover features you should NOT use for specific environments and situations
  • Achieve true ePO automation – this often helps you achieve better threat identification and saves countless hours of IT operations
  • Determine which tasks to automate that will achieve the best time to remediation and cost savings
  • Overcome slow performance affecting end users
  • To hone and fine tune organizational security policies
  • Prioritize the repair of known ePO configuration inefficiencies most commonly overlooked by the average ePO administrator

Unlike anywhere else, SBT is the only solution provider that blends just the right mix of education, consulting and advisory services tailored specific to the needs of the McAfee administrator and the organization itself.