Interoperability Node

Synchronized Dependent Ledger Systems

Enable multiple distributed-ledger framework environments to work together as one effective system. Transactions in one distributed-ledger system can be configured to clear in a separate distributed-ledger system before also clearing in the original system. This advanced functionality ensures that assets involved in a transaction are not only available and sanctioned to be acted upon, and critically, it prevents “double-spend” or “race-conditions” from being exploited. For example, two separate distributed-ledger systems that send messages to each other detailing their respective activity, could be compromised if an asset in one system is transferred from entity A to entity B, while that same asset in the other system is being transferred from entity A to entity F.

Only by keeping the two DLT systems tied to each other during every transaction, can these kinds of accidental or malicious corruptions be avoided.


Customizable Functionality Mapping

By definition, no two distributed-ledger frameworks have the exact same features, functions and methodologies. The SBT InterNode library includes many extensions to reproduce special functionality that comes standard in one system and extends that same functionality in a different system.  Additionally, the business objects and methods within the InterNode library are designed to be easily customized or “extended”. Therefore, when one DLT system is upgraded or is customized, its mappings to all other DLT systems can be extended to incorporate those additions. This is done by adding custom extension modules to the SBT InterNode library, and does not require a custom build that needs to be forever kept up-to-date with every library release. And because adding extensions to InterNode is so clean and efficient, the SBT development network is able to keep up with frequent, timely, and reliable releases – ensuring that even the most recent enhancements to any distributed-ledger technology are quickly ready for interoperability with other frameworks.

SuperNodes™ Suite