Information Security

SBT’s InfoSec team are experts in assessing your business and security objectives and is poised to develop a security strategy that’s right for you.

Businesses in all industry spectrums, from retail to manufacturing, from law to finance, are today under siege from bad actors seeking to compromise their networks and steal vital IP and confidential customer data. It’s never been more important to develop and deploy robust, proactive security practices and policies in this threat landscape, and InfoSec professionals are charged with defending a company’s ever-growing network and device perimeter.

Why Choose SBT Information Security Services?

  • We are technical security experts and business leaders, able to contextualize threats within the scope of functional business operations.
  • We think beyond the tech to configure an ideal security solution for your processes and people.
  • We deploy certified technology experts who have extensive experience in rolling out custom solutions across diverse industries in the public and private sector.
  • We are a team of proven and trusted enterprise IT professionals that have built their careers working within global enterprises