HyperNode Server

Distributed Ledger for the Enterprise

The SBT HyperNode™ server is a hardened secure system, optimized to host numerous robust distributed-ledger resources. Every distributed-ledger system an enterprise implements can be contained within its own set of isolated virtual environments. Incorporated within each distributed-ledger ecosystem are production, staging, and development environments. The amount of resources dedicated to each of these environments can be easily increased or scaled back to facilitate various priorities needed for testing, research, or variations in production demands.

A Blueprint for Continued Success and Growth

Multiple HyperNode™ servers can be placed throughout a company’s network, at different locations for corporations with multiple locations, and/or at trusted partner or subsidiary data centers. Implementing a distributed-ledger framework with the standardized HyperNode™ system, facilitates building a comprehensive and easy-to-manage environment that properly leverages the scalability, failover, and security benefits that distributed-ledger technologies offer.

SuperNodes™ Suite

Every HyperNode™ includes the full SuperNodes™ Suite.