Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Phase III

– Production & Management –

“How do we get from vetting a new technology to realizing its benefits in handling real operations and opening new opportunities?”
SBT’s team of engineers will ensure your distributed-ledger is reliably and efficiently incorporated into your company’s operations. SBT will also train your staff and provide them its enterprise-empowering tools to be able to augment, monitor, optimize, and manage your entire system, as well as how it integrates with the systems of your partners and any outside service providers. And SBT will always be there to provide as much ongoing management, maintenance, and enhancement your company needs.

SBT’s veteran team of IT executives and engineers have for decades architected the most complex networked systems that power today’s global economy. Not only do we understand what you face in confronting the initial design of your Blockchain ledger — we’re experts knowing which Ts need to be crossed and Is dotted in order for a solution to run properly in full-scale production. SBT also empowers your team to effectively manage operations, and its team and unique tools are at your company’s disposal.

Simply put, we know how to bring your Blockchain to life and thrive — whether it’s:

  • Identifying enterprise entities, rules, and relationships
  • Establishing bespoke Smart Contracts
  • Integrating 3rd-party or partner systems
  • Ensuring interoperability with legacy ERP or other client applications
  • Install SBT security, performance, and business intelligence nodes to monitor, tune, and protect your distributed-ledger system
  • Design development, staging, and testing environments to allow safe and straight-forward Blockchain evolution and integration
  • Planning out node scalability – More processing, more geographically dispersed nodes, integrating Partner nodes, migrating to bigger servers
  • Putting in place training and systems to maintain all operations, integration, and services.
  • Empower your team with unique tools that augment blockchain to make it a powerful portion of an enterprise system.

SBT can be your full-scale production house to:
Code → Develop → Test → QC → Deploy → Maintain → Grow

We’ll be with you every step of the way in your Blockchain journey.