Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Phase II

– Minimum Viable Product (MVP) –

“Why do I need to develop a MVP for my Blockchain build?”
SBT will build an MVP product with essential features that helps you evaluate blockchain / distributed-ledger technologies with customers and partners, and/or how it can augment internal system functionality, security, and maintainability.


MVP Benefits:

  • Rapid market deployment
  • Early assessment / testing of product demand, prior to main release
  • Understand and address initial performance
  • Understand user behavior and preferences
  • Test new ideas / differentiating features
  • Avoid large capital investment into unvetted services

Work with SBT to avoid common MVP development pitfalls

SBT’s team of veteran IT executives and engineers have decades of experience bringing innovative products and services to market. Their accumulated development wisdom will save you time and money.

We know to not “chase perfect”, right now. SBT will help you stay focused on your core MVP functions, and not overload it with functionality that can lead to costly project delays. On the flip-side, we’ll make sure essential features aren’t left out, ensuring your goals and your partners’ Blockchain goals are met with the MVP.