Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

Phase I

– Strategy and Ecosystem –

“Why do I need to plan out my Blockchain Strategy & Ecosystem?”
Thorough planning of your company’s Blockchain network ensures high partner utilization and success to all participants.

Businessman drawing business strategy concepts icons with chalk

As in a Biological Ecosystem, where a variety of diverse organisms coexist and cooperate toward shared goals of survival and growth, the participants in a Business Ecosystem strive to create value for each other, to realize levels of growth and success that wouldn’t be possible if they acted alone.

Think of WalMart, JP Morgan, IBM, and Microsoft — powerhouse entities today, but with very focused beginnings. They tapped into a core need of their respective markets, but their ultimate value and impact wouldn’t have been realized without the involvement of complementary players.

Where would WalMart, JP Morgan, IBM or Microsoft be without their (now vast) network of suppliers, distributors, 3rd party technology vendors, etc, who all work towards a common goal to service their shared downstream customers?

As such, it’s vital to comprehensively architect your Distributed-Ledger or “Blockchain” network — to understand and plot out its functions, players, inputs, outputs, modes of protection, methods of intervention, required interoperability with legacy and future platforms, and so on.

Whether it’s for internal company use or deployed to a wide external consortium, the success of a Distributed-Ledger implementation will be built upon an investment bedrock of time and thought to assure a win-win proposition for all members.

What SBT’s Strategy & Ecosystem consulting services can do for you.
Our Chief Blockchain Officer (CBO) will review your company’s strategic Blockchain goals and requirements and make independant recommendations on a technical framework that scales with your ledger & network growth.

SBT’s CBO can plan out a Blockchain strategy, drawn from platforms and protocols that best fit the needs of your business. A key differentiator in our approach is that we aren’t vested in a given “development box”.

We are technology partners with industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS, but aren’t beholden to their respective “walled gardens”. We look at your needs FIRST, then make recommendations on which technologies best and most efficiently address your needs. We also draw from numerous, vetted 3rd-party DApp vendors to implement your unique feature or functional requirements.

SBT is purpose-built from the ground up, comprised of enterprise technology veterans sourced from a diverse array of leading IT, Security, Networking, Logistics, and E-Commerce firms that shaped the way global organizations succeed in business today.

Undertaking a Blockchain network / ledger build is a formidable task, one that can detract your CIO / CTO resource from their established responsibilities and goals. Engage with us to leapfrog the learning curve and accelerate the benefits discussion far quicker than your competition.