Endpoint Security

SBT’s Endpoint Security team are experts in assessing your business and security objectives and is poised to develop an Endpoint solutions strategy that’s right for you.

Endpoint Security addresses computer user’s “endpoint” devices on a network, such as laptop and desktop PCs. Other in-network hardware such as data center servers are also considered endpoints. The practice of Endpoint Security addresses vulnerabilities and risks these connected devices present to its enterprise network.

Why Choose SBT Endpoint Security Services?

  • We are Platinum certified integrators of best-in-class McAfee and Palo Alto Networks Endpoint solutions and will help scope and configure optimal hardware and software solutions for our clients’ needs
  • We think beyond the tech to assess how specific Endpoint security solutions will also impact your processes and people
  • We deploy certified technology experts who have extensive experience in rolling out custom solutions across diverse industries in the public and private sector.
  • We are a team of proven and trusted enterprise IT professionals that have built their careers working within global enterprises