What is DEBL?

“The DEBL is in the Details”

SBT’s “Distributed Enterprise Blockchain Lab”, is a custom Blockchain technology “sandbox” that provides the development platform and framework our clients use to research and deploy production-level Blockchain solutions.

With our streamlined but highly functional approach, we have designed DEBL sandbox to be cost-effective and immediately accessible, enabling clients to evaluate the diverse distributed ledger platforms and technologies that will ultimately fit their needs.

Why do I need DEBL?

Our DEBL sandbox provides a fully-functional distributed-ledger environment that can simulate enterprise-scale business scenarios, but within a virtual hosting architecture that requires minimal investments on server, network, and software.

This allows many blockchain development platforms and frameworks to be brought online quickly and thoroughly evaluated, with only a small financial investment, and most importantly, an even smaller time investment.

Is DEBL just for evaluating blockchain?

In addition to efficiently providing an initial Blockchain platform, DEBL promotes ongoing development and testing even after a company’s production blockchain systems are in place.

New enhancements or additional blockchain products can be developed and tested in DEBL before released into the production environment. And because the foundation of DEBL is its virtual systems, multiple product or release teams are able to generate and spin up independent worlds concurrently.

Why the DEBL is in the Details!

SBT will closely work with your company’s key thinkers and operational experts to collaborate on a benefits picture of Blockchain. During these strategy sessions, SBT’s Blockchain experts will come to learn and understand about your organization’s specific needs and the business issues you want to solve — all vital information which will inform our recommendations on distinct distributed-ledger platforms, tools, and frameworks.

SBT knows what topics require a deep dive into specific details, and which ones can be kept to high-level overviews. The end result is that SBT will deliver DEBL design and foundation recommendations your company can confidently follow to move its blockchain plans forward.

SBT’s experts give you the competitive advantage. While other companies dwell on their development priorities, you’ll have deployed your first pilot DEBL environment, and be well on your way towards production-ready Blockchain solutions that keep your competitors on the sideline.