Career Center

Our Mission

Secure Block Technologies recruits the best technology talent in the United States by offering a strong corporate culture, multifaceted opportunities and innovation providing a path to future career growth and fulfillment.

Secure Block Technologies is a leading Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology Company. Our personnel department has two distinct purposes. We recruit for in-house projects and also staff for our Enterprise Clientele.

We utilize a leading personnel management platform and focus on transforming the way both candidates and companies currently approach the recruiting process. We have developed a streamlined and proactive technique to better align the skills and experience of the candidate with the demands of the available opportunities.

Our Recruiting Mission is to find outstanding, forward thinking individuals to fill great opportunities within our organization.

Our Staffing Mission is to afford our clientele the ability to keep attention on their main objectives and milestones while we fulfill their personnel needs.

Ideal Candidates

Our Team members are chosen by their adept knowledge and skills in specific areas of IT Security, Infrastructure, Architecture, Software Development and/or Blockchain Technology.

We are looking for gifted, passionate and driven IT security professionals that have a track record of success in Enterprise Environments. The ideal candidate will be capable of succeeding in a multitude of corporate cultures, have an acutely developed communication skill set, real-world IT experience and has the certifications to back them up.

Employment Opportunities

Secure Block Technologies has a multitude of fantastic opportunities in the growing and ever-changing world of Enterprise Technology.

Whether you are looking for a new opportunity to propel your career or simply need a change of pace, we are here to discuss your career goals and design a path to expand your future.

Secure Block Technologies is the company that will lead you to expanding technical horizons and personal growth in the Enterprise Technology domain.

Your Future with SBT

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

Our goal is to find you a challenging opportunity that provides the motivation you need to achieve your full potential. We will show you a future that has many directions and choices that allow you to discover new plateaus.

Put yourself in a position where you dare to be GREAT.

Secure Block Technologies will help you achieve the future that you have worked so hard to reach.

College Students

We work with multiple colleges to help develop on campus programs that encourage students to excel in Enterprise Technology.

We know that it is tough to get rolling in this constantly moving and shaking IT Industry. With our expertise, guidance and hands-on approach, we will guide you through the transition from student to employed professional. We will show you the intricacies of getting adapted properly to corporate culture, developing communication skills and putting your talent to work for you.

Join us at Secure Block Technologies and start your career now!