Business Intelligence Node

Data Analysis, Archival, Mining and Business Intelligence

An often overlooked aspect of distributed-ledger systems, is the importance of being able to inspect and analyze information surrounding the system and the data stored in the ledger itself. And unlike the standard database engine-based systems that have been the backbone of enterprise systems for many decades, pushing off analyze the data later may not be an option within a distributed-ledger system. The powerful security and permissions intrinsically incorporated into many distributed-ledger frameworks, can by design prevent anyone but the parties involved in a transaction from being able to place that data into a business intelligence system to study at a later time. This is why SBT has developed its BINode™ system, to enable a company to easily and securely store the data into any business intelligence or data analysis systems it desires.

Easy Integration

BINode™ is compatible with all mainstream data storage and business intelligence (BI) systems, and works with any ODBC-based system. Extensions for custom analysis or data systems are easily developed when needed, and straight-forward data export to text files can be automated with the BINode™ scheduling systems.


BINode™ can be configured to enable analysis of any datum in any type of transaction within even a complex customized enterprise distributed-ledger system. The only limit to what information an enterprise can analyze with BINode™, will be by design in order to properly ensure the transaction information and security are properly protected.

Additionally, BINode™ can be tied to products like SBT’s PerNode™, to incorporate network, systems, security, health, performance, and any other information surrounding the distributed-ledger ecosystem.

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