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Our combination of Veteran Leadership coupled with Dynamic Developers has inspired a POSITIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT. CULTIVATE , MOTIVATE , INNOVATE , CREATE NEW SOLUTIONS

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SBT is in the forefront of a technological revolution that stands to enhance information security, lower costs, and increase trust in all digital transactions.


As a client or employee of SBT, our goal is to positively affect your business making decisions. This starts with building a strong understanding of your goals and needs. We are dedicated to improving your professional experience.


At the forefront of our company’s mission statement: TRUST We are a seasoned, professional and proven team that understands the meaning and value of earning and keeping your trust.


We have a growing list of ENTERPRISE CLIENTELE and a plethora of INDUSTRY LEADING PROJECTS to apply your skills. Apply to join the SBT TEAM today!


We are located in Los Angeles in the heart of SILICON BEACH, recently nicknamed BLOCKCHAIN BEACH

Re-imagining and cultivating Enterprise Environments by combining Cyber Security and Blockchain Technology